Time in Japan:
1 USD = 131.29

How to Buy



1. "Step #1. First, you need to register, which requires a refundable deposit of 25% of the purchase amount via PayPal or bank transfer. For a one-time purchase, this deposit will be used as payment.


2. "Step #2". If the purchase is successful, you will send you the invoice (C&F, CIF, FOB) detailing all nomenclature and service charges. After receiving the invoice you will have 3 working days to payment in full.


3. "Step #3." After we confirm payment, we will start the shipping process.  As soon as we confirm the booking (reservation on the ship), we tell you on which ship your vehicle is leaving.


Important! We send all necessary documents (B/L, Export Certificate, Transfer Export Certificate if required, Inspection Certificate if required, Country of Origin if required) by post and give you the tracking number.

HSG Cars also works with the Letter of Credit payment system.

If you encounter any problems with receiving your vehicle, please contact us immediately to resolve the issue.